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This is an open source 'Redirect Manager' module for Sitecore CMS v6 onwards (tested with 6.4). The module provides url redirection functionality (i.e. 301 redirects) where the destination is a sitecore item.

This module does not offer redirection to arbitrary urls, the target must be a Sitecore item. Regex is also not currently supported, for either of these features, try looking up the 'Sitecore 301 redirect module'.

Critically, the module also offers automatic 301 creation for Sitecore items that are published. This means that published items that are moved or renamed, including child items are automatically redirected with a http 301 response to the new url location.

Key features:

  • UI - shell displays links for current item, redirects, and aliases.
  • Automatic 301 record generation of historic links (renamed, moved, or even structural changes)
  • Manual 301 record generation via right-click or ribbon.
  • Extensive configuration options via config include file.


  • Publishing an item creates a record of the that url. If the sitecore item moves to a different path, the recorded url will redirect to the new location of that sitecore item.
  • Manual redirects can be added by selecting the target item and using the context (right-click) menu or top ribbon commands.
  • Publishing any item clears the redirect cache. (required after manual redirect creation).



  • Installation requires the creation of a new SQL DB to store redirect data. A SQL script and also also a blank redirect DB are available for download.


Rough tests with 100,000 redirect records :

  • One off pre-load delay approx 150-250ms (loads into lookup cache, on startup or after publish)
  • Http processor delay: roughly 0.15ms (~373 ticks) 


To delete this module:

Remove files:


Remove items:

Core: \sitecore\content\applications\content editor\context menues\default\Assign url redirect\
Core: \sitecore\content\applications\content editor\context menues\ribbons\chunks\page urls\redirects\

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